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It's an adventure.

GPX's instock now
Contact for more information.


On site bike MOT'S

Motorcycle MOTS by appointment. Please contact for booking.

300TSE in stock now !
Along with full range of GPX Motorcycles. 


Quick and hassle free financing option below for the full range of GPX Motorcycles. Instant registration number upon sale so you can hit the trail straight away

Contact us on 07845001422 for more info

GRIPPER Mousse and Tyres available now. Soft - Medium- Hard compounds availible in various sizes

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£59.95+ Postage for rear sizes!

£49.50 for fronts

£49.95+ Postage!

New Arrivals

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GPX and KOVE Update's


3 Kove Rally 450's started the 2022 Dakar Rally and all 3 finished the Dakar Rally


GPX Motorcycles are continually raced throughout the UK. Despite the racing there are NO recorded engine failures . 
The testing and racing by ourselves and GPX producing highly reliable and great performing motorcycles. 


These photos are from the prestigous and grueling Welsh 24 hours Dawn till Dusk Enduro . Both GPX bikes and riders started and finished.

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